The Incels

Nominated for the 2021 Susan Smith Blackburn prize, The Incels is a full-length play about three “involuntarily celibate” men. From a men’s shelter in Harlem, Tom immortalizes fruitless encounters with women on his vlog. From his hunter’s den in the hinterlands, Derrick streams his survivalist YouTube channel, losing followers as he obsesses about the new woman in town. From his man cave in suburban Pennsylvania, Pat broadcasts his weekly show, “Voice of Hope,” teaching men how to be happy in a life without women. It seems like the perfect answer for Tom and Derrick, but the more they tune in, the more aggravated they become: Pat’s cold, detached philosophy lessons just aren’t working. The culminating scenes are an explosion of rage, despair, and frantic attempts to help, as Tom loads his Glock and Derrick sits alone on his basement floor with a Remington aimed at his own head. At this desperate hour, will they be able to truly connect before crossing the line into violence? The Incels asks us to look beyond the chat rooms and forums to the humanity that lurks within.

The Fencers

Maddie is broke and unemployed, with a chronically ill kid who needs surgery. She has one thing going for her: she’s an extraordinary fencer, and she just turned 50, so she can try out for the Veterans’ World Championships. When Maddie makes the controversial decision to give custody of her son to his deadbeat dad so she can train, she is knocked out of the qualifiers by Donna, a transgender woman. “It’s not fair!” other fencers argue, but Maddie says, “Maybe we just need to pick up our game.” Donna, realizing Maddie’s extraordinary skill, bribes another woman to quit the team, so Maddie can take her place. Bold in their defiance of expectations, resolute in their struggle against injustice, and mentally programmed to win, Donna and Maddie become compatriots and confidants in fencing and in life. They help each other navigate discrimination, motherhood, and the mistakes they made in the past, and carry Team U.S.A. to victory.

  • Reading October 11, 2021, at Urban Stages, NYC.
  • 2019 semi-finalist in the Bay Area Playwrights Festival, Playwrights Foundation
  • Reading June 2019, ArtHouse Productions and Jersey City Theatre Company

The Caregivers

Frances hates seeing her mother, Marjorie, suffer from late-stage Alzheimer’s. She discovers that Anna, the 24/7 aide, is coaxing Marjorie’s mouth open and pouring in the food. Anna sees this as doing her job; Frances sees it as force-feeding, and starts showing up three times a day to do the feedings, herself. Sure enough, Marjorie does not actively take food or water, and therefore has 14 days to live. Meanwhile, Anna, trapped in a room 24/7 with a dying woman she’s not allowed to help, learns that her own mother, who was watching Anna’s children in Trinidad, suddenly died. Should she stay or should she go? The Caregivers is a moving and provocative look at two women—both mothers and daughters—caught in a prism of caregiving.

  • Winner of a 2018 New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship
  • 2018 semi-finalist in the Bay Area Playwrights Festival, Playwrights Foundation
  • Special Consideration for 2019 Relentless Award, American Playwriting Foundation

The Suspects: A Sustainability Murder Mystery

At a Green Party campaign meeting, Dave, the mayoral candidate, is found dead. The campaigners run for the door to get the police, but discover there has been a climate catastrophe and they are trapped by six feet of snow. Clark, the town traffic cop, takes it upon himself to lead the murder investigation. In questioning each suspect, he reveals they aren’t as “green” as they seem, and they all had reasons to hate Dave…and each other. This mad-cap climate-change farce keeps the audience guessing, until the final surprise.

The Mischief Maker

A Catholic school girl in Virginia in 1981 rebels against her widowed, frazzled mother. When she is seduced by an older man, her mother shows up with a crowbar, showing her what real love is all about.

The Heiress and the Dancer

Dorothea, a reclusive former ballerina who’s gone blind, meets Theo, a young, gay bon-vivant who helps her realize her dream of dancing again. When she gives her new friend the deed to her gatehouse, Dorothea’s estranged son, Jeremy, swoops in and drives Theo away. Dorothea turns to Theo’s chronically-ill mother, Claire, visiting her in the hospital daily in the hopes that Theo will show up. But what she gets instead is a lesson that she shouldn’t give up on her own son, and she shouldn’t give up on her dream.

The Widow

Widowed, childless, and diagnosed with early dementia, Cece faces an uncertain future. Her friend Lois convinces her to find a new husband on OK Cupid. Cece finds Sy, who sweeps her off her feet, but turns violently abusive. She slips cyanide into his smoothie and kills him. Cece then finds Karl, who is negligent and insensitive. Time for another cyanide smoothie. Finally she meets Tim, who adores her. When he discovers, however, that Cece had two previous husbands who died mysteriously, he is hurt that she did not tell him. Distraught, Cece pulls out the vile of cyanide one last time–with devastating results.

– select shorts –

Eleanor Roosevelt’s Pudding

Ten-minute comedic monologue about the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt coming back to Earth to do a YouTube cooking demonstration.

Sorry Creature

Ten-minute comedic monologue by a mouse who yearns to be united with his beloved chunk of cheese. But first, the creature must overcome its fear of the humans who are suddenly in the kitchen 24/7 … as well as the dreaded Mr. Pussy-Woose.

  • Premiered November 2020 on Hudson Theatre Works’ YouTube channel and available on YouTube.

Baby’s First Madness

Ten-minute farce in which Honoria, who has gone into labor, is about to lose a 300-million-dollar real estate deal. If she could only get back to the office! In this madcap delivery-room farce, everyone has their own interest–wife, husband, midwife, donut delivery guy, demigod–until the baby cops on to the madness…and makes a surprising maneuver.

  • Premiered January 2020, at Secret Theatre, NYC.

Phil Rizzuto Gives Parenting Advice

Ten-minute comedy. After a fly ball knocks him unconscious, Vinny meets the ghost of Phil Rizzuto, who gives him some advice on how to connect with his teenage daughter.

  • Premiered May 2019 at Mile Square Theatre, Hoboken NJ.