Baby’s First Madness

Niall Ng, Sarah Kamyar, Peter Kendall, Ruth Apolonia Zamoyta (playwright), Justin Robertazzi, and Christina Comizio in "Baby's First Madness," Secret Theatre, NYC, 2020.


Honoria has gone into labor but she’s about to lose a $300 million real estate deal. If she could only get back to the office!

In this madcap delivery-room farce, everyone has their own interests—wife, husband, midwife, donut delivery guy, demigod purporting to be the real father—until the baby cops on to the madness … and makes a surprising maneuver.

  • Premiered 2020, Secret Theatre, New York, NY, with Niall Ng, Sarah Kamyar, Peter Kendall, Justin Robertazzi, and Christina Comizio. Directed by Jackie Knollhuff.
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