Full-Length Plays

  • The Incels – Tom and Derrick grow lonely and desperate. Can Pat convince them to put down their guns?
  • The Fencers – Maddie gives up son so she can train for the Worlds, but gets knocked out by a transgender woman.
  • The Caregivers – Frances decides to withhold food and water from her dying mother, but locks horns with the aide from Trinidad.
  • The Widow – Diagnosed with early dementia, Cece tries to find a husband while she still has wits and looks. When she ends up with a violent abuser, chemistry helps her solve the problem.
  • The Mischief Maker – Recalcitrant teenaged Jo seduces a 20-year-old in the woods. Until mom shows up with an iron car jack.
  • The Suspects: A Sustainability Murder Mystery – When a freak snowstorm traps the Green Party campaigners, can Clark, the town traffic cop, discover who killed the mayoral candidate?
  • The Amy Coney Barrett Babies – Ten women nine months pregnant refuse to let their pregnancies interfere with their dreams.
  • The Heiress and the Dancer – At 80, Dorothea is jolted back into life by a charming young dancer. Until her estranged son shows up.


  • Helene: Hitler’s Jewish Athlete Helene Mayer, one of the best women athletes of the 20th century, was stripped of her citizenship when the Nazis rose to power and discovered she was half Jewish. When Germany asked her to fence for them in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, despite outcry from Jewish groups, Helene, eager to win back the gold she won in Amsterdam in 1928, said yes. Her brother, who ended up in a labor camp, never let her live it down.
  • Oseetah – 1970s. After knocking her brother unconscious with a softball bat, a girl from the New York ghetto is sent to live in the Adirondacks for a summer. She befriends the son of an Iroquois leader who teaches her the sanctity of life and nature.

Short Plays

  • The MitochondriaSaxophonist ChiChi is up for the gig of her life, but her boyfriend, Buzz, spits his pizza all over the music director.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt’s Pudding – The ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt returns from the dead to do a YouTube cooking demo.
  • Baby’s First Madness – Honoria is in the middle of labor, but also in the middle of a multi-million-dollar real estate deal.
  • Phil Rizzuto Gives Parenting Advice – When Vinny gets hit in the head by a fly ball at a Yankees game, the ghost of Phil Rizzuto tells him how to patch things up with his daughter.
  • Mother and Daughter – Mercilessly bullied by her overweight daughter, a mother gives up and lets her daughter eat herself to death.
  • Young Men on a TrainWaiting for Godot meets New Jersey Transit.
  • Counterpane – After inadvertently poisoning their parents, three children have been living for decades in their parents’ bedroom upstairs.
  • Sorry Creature – A wee kitchen creature falls in love with a chunk of cheese that has fallen on the floor, way on the other side of the kitchen. But he can’t get across!
  • The Lovers Betrayal but with lesbian cellists.
  • SMD – A grandpa helps his grandson appreciate the legacy behind his awkward family initials.
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